Welcome to Amber's ethnomusicology page here you will find 3 songs that some how was either influenced by or is a descent of African American music. The first song will be a song from before 1974 or earlier. The second song will be any song from a non-english speaking country (although english can be spoken there). Last but not least the last song can be from anytime,anywhere. 1974 OR EARLIER- name of song: why do fools fall in love by frankie lymon and the teenagersplace:year:artist:genre: synopsis: NON-ENGLISH name of song: ako place: Yorubayear: 1987artist: The bata repertoire for egungun pobé genre: World synopsis: This song is a 4/4 beat. Even though there are no words or lyrics, African Americans (and a lot of other races) tell stories through beats not words like we do in america. In africa there are these people called griots. Griots tell stories through song sort of like blues where you tell stories about your life or the life of others through beats and songs. This song is one of so many that prove that african music influenced different branches of music. ANYTIME,ANYWHERE- name of song: sudaniplace: Sudanyear: 2005artist: Abdel Gadir Salim All-Starsgenre: Worldsynopsis: Well when you listen to this song at first you hear a drum beat. Then after a while you hear an overlapping beat. kind of a salsa beat or reggae. this relates back to African American history because African Americans were one of the first to actually live "music" in a sense. And these kinds of music that the listened to and made branched out to different musics like salsa and reggae.