Orange Nation at SLA has lately been studying and researching ethnomusicolgy. Ethnomusicolgy is the study of social, cultural aspects of music and dance from every country and religion. In Mr. Sherif class we have been working on African American history so therefore the music on this page is explaining how music affects African American history. On this page I have songs that are from anywhere, anytime before 1973, and and non-English speaking country song. So check it out & I hope you enjoy my page.


"Heaven" By Jamie Foxx

Date of release: 2007
Genre: R&B
Time: 3:53 min.
Synopsis: I honestly believe that this song does influence African American history. The reason why is because the song shows a big metaphor explaining how this one girl is like an angel to him & how heaven doesn't even describe her fully. If you notice in many African American songs you'll see how there is many metaphors throughout the songs, melody and beat. I love how he sings this song with such compassion. It is really a beautiful song. I notice a a ot of repetiton throughout the song with the piano. So therefore that is how & why I believe this song influences African American history.

f80130mejwy.jpg"Where Peaceful Waters Flow" by Gladys Knight & The Pips

Date of release: 1973

Genre: R&B,Soul

Time: 4:24 mins.
Synopsis: Well this song as well to me does influence & too related to African American history. As you hear her heart poured out into this song. This hit was sung by Gladys Knight & the Pips. She speaks her mind & is telling a man to come with her. She is speaking on everyday issues such as depression & hopelessness. This song can inspire many & like African American history it does. Well that is in only ones opinion. Like the song Heaven it has many uses of repetion too. "Come take my hand & walk with me to where peaceful waters flow." Unwinding & stress reliever is what comes to mind after hearing this song. So inconclusion that is how I believe that this song influences & relates to African American history

"Im So Special" by Mavado

Date of release: 2008
Genre: Reggea, Dancehall
Time: 3:03 mins.
Synopsis: This song influences African American history & culture. In this song you would see how this Jamaican artist named Mavado is speaking similar as a regular american. He actually is speaking potois which is very much similar to english. A big difference though is the "slang" to it & also the accent. Either than that I do believe that this influences though. A reason why is because the beat, harmony, and melody is very much like music heard within music made by African Americans and others. This song is speaking on how he is special! Also on how is scared of no one & how there is no one to be scared of. In music & history of African Americans this is also potrayed. So this is why I believe that this song influences African American history.