SLA "Orange" students chill.

/eth-noh-myoo-zi-kol-uh-jee/: the study of social and cultural aspects of music and dance in local and global contexts.


Students from Science Leadership Academy have been studying African American history. This ethnomusicology project is a collaborative effort to understand how American society, via music, has evolved over the last 300 years. The purpose of this ethnomusicology website is to present our examples of music that have influenced, or have been influenced by, African American history.

SLA "Orange" students freak!

Each student has created a website with information, images and sound files about at least three different songs:

  • 1 song from anytime/anywhere

  • 1 song from 1974 or earlier

  • 1 song from any non_English speaking country (though English may be spoken in that country).

student pages:

|| Ali || Ayanna || Francesca || Jesse || Mohamed || Rita || Tyrone || || Ali's Lyrics || Blase || Gabby || Jobe || Morgan || Simone || Uyen || || Amber || Bria || Gamal || Johniera || Mustapha || Tariq || Xavier || || Anna || Chelsea || Ibrahim || Kabbour || Nia || Tim || || || Antoine || Chelsea's Lyrics || Jason || Lamaya || Rick || Tyler || ||

Can I get a contact?!?

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact us! You can reach individuals through the "comments" link at the top of their page.


Society for Ethnomusicology, University of Illinois

The Center for Ethnomusicology, Columbia University

Ethnomusicology Department, UCLA