Welcome to my ethnomusicology page (ethnomusicology means the study of music from a specific culture or group of people). In our project we were told to select three songs, one from anytime, and anyplace. Another from anywhere as long as it was before 1974, and the last had to be from a country without English as it's first language, but can be from anytime. The one other rule is that they all must be related back to African music. For my three songs I picked the following...
#1 (Anytime anywhere): We will rock you
#2 (Before 1974): Get up, Stand up
#3 (Non-English speaking country): Guantanamera

Song #1

Song name: We will rock you we-will-rock-you.jpg
Song artist: Queen
Song album: News of the world
Song release date: 1977
Link to lyrics:
Synopsis: The song was written by Brian May and performed by Queen, in order to make the beat of clapping and stomping the band recorded themselves making the sound and then repeated it on a computer over an over again to make it sound like many people where also stomping and clapping. I will say that that in itself is the whole relation from this song to African music. African music very often accommodates large groups making a rhythm together, often they start out simple and get more complicated. Even though this song doesn't actually involve a whole lot of people it has the idea here, that idea being that a large group of people harmonically making a rhythm to can make music just like in Africa.

Song #2

Song name: Get up, Stand up4_bob_marley_2.jpg
Song artist: Bob Marley
Song album: Single (no album)
Song release date: 1973
Link to lyrics:
Synopsis: This song though not one of Marley's more famous songs was known as the last song he ever performed live on stage. However along the lines of how this song relates to African music that much is simple, this song uses a lot of repeditivity in both it's lines and rhythm. However the song also doesn't have everybody singing at the same time or the same exact thing thus pulling away from classical style European music and more so into African music.

Song #3

Song name: Guantanameraguantanamo.jpg
Song artist: Joselíto Fernández
Song album: Single (no album)
Song release date: 1929
Link to lyrics:
Synopsis: This song is well known as most popular Cuban patriotic song it uses repetitive beats as seen but also has one lead singer with a large group of other singers being lead by the lead singer in the chorus, much like in gospel music. So whether or not this song is directly related to African cultured music or not it defiantly holds it's roots there.