Welcome to my music page. I am Jason Davis and my stream (orange) is doing a project on ethnomusicology. This is to show how culture is expressed through music throughout the world. Here, we focus on how Africans and Africa Americans have expressed their culture with music throughout history. Many music, dance, other entertainments of today have been influenced by African American culture. To the hip hop, R&B, and Jazz music of the 21st century. Back to the oldies, blues and Funk of the mid 1900's. And all the way back to music played and expressed by old African tribes hundreds of years ago. Here, on my page, are three examples of ethnomusicology. Showing how Africans have expressed their culture through music throughout history.

Anytime Anywhere Song:

Song:"King of Sorrow"
Album:Lovers Rock
Year: 2000
Genre:Jazz; R&B
Synopsis:Sade began her music career in the mid 1980's with her first album: Diamond Life, in 1985. She would go on to come out with three new albums into the 90's and then two bonus albums in 1994 and in 2002. Sade introduced a brand new style of music. A style that was so unique, that it was hard to categorize it in a specific genre of music. It was a sort of a mixture of smooth jazz and rhythm & blues, in which has influenced American culture for many years. This is one of her most popular songs: King of Sorrow. In this song, Sade tells a story of her commiting many sins. And she is trying to find a way out. Day after day she feels like her life is going in circles, and that she is living one of constant sorrow. Many musicians today express topics like these in there music. And Sade contributed much of her style to influence the world of music. Africa American as well as other cultures in the world of music.



Song Before 1973:


Song: "I Put a Spell On You"
Artist: Nina Simone
Album: The Best of Nina Simone
Year: 1963
Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Synopsis: Growing up in the civil rights movement in the 50's and 60's, Nina Simone was exposed to much racism as well as the struggles that blacks went through during those times. Nina Grew up in North Carolina were she taught a music class for a few years. She then attended Curtis university in Philadelphia Pa, and eventually traveled down to Atlanta Ga. There Nina song at night clubs throughout the city, and eventually began her singing carrer in the 1960's. She toured Europe and the U.S. singing her two hit songs: "I Love You Porgy" and "Mississippi Goddamn". In the same album, Nina made this song: "I Put A Spell On You". During her singing career, Nina Simone introduced music with stories of African American struggles, as well as love trough R&B and Jazz. This is a song about a girl that says she put a spell on a man that she has a relationship with. In this song he does not want her, but she says that he is her's. African American music for many years has include much stories about love and relationship issues. This is how "I Put a Spell On You" relates to African American culture.

Link for Lyrics of "I Put A Spell On You":


Non-English speaking Song:


Song: "Time to Say Goodbye"
Artist: Andrea Bocelli
Album: Romanza
Year: 1996
African American Culture has always been inspired by music. but it has not always just been music from Africa, or the Americas. Music from all around the world, song in all different languages have influenced African American music. Andrea Bocelli a spanish, blind musician, has been singer for years. Bocelli has never let his disability prevent him from doing what he loves most, singing. Although Bocelli's music does not relate specifically to African American culture, it can relate in some way. "Time To Say Goodbye" is a non-english speaking song that is of opera with a mixture of jazz as you may be able to tell from the background instruments. Jazz is one of the major genres of music that African Americans have produced throught the years. Time to Say Goodbye is a song that is soothng, relaxing, and although some may not understand the language, it a song that tells a story, and can leave you speecless from the melody of it.
Link for lyrics of "Time To Say Goodbye":

Above And Beyond:


Song: Lose Yourself
Artist: Eminem
Album: 8 Mile Soundtrack
Year: 2003
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Synopsis: Around the early 1980's, most African american based music shifted from funk and jazz, to hip hop and R&B. Hip hop artist today still show a great deal of respect to some of the original hip hop artist such as "Run DMC", Tupac Shakur, and Biggy Smalls. But it is still a huge argument about who has shaped the hip hop industry and who are the best artist today. Current rap stars like Lil' Wayne and "Young Jezzy"may be extremely talented, and have made a lot of money off of the music that they have sold. But Marshal Mathers, a retired rapper also known as "Eminem", is by far one of the best rap producers and artist that the hip hop world has ever seen. Born in Detroit MI, Eminem had a tough life growing up, as well as a few bad decisions in his young adullt life. But Eminem turned his life around by beginning a career in music when meeting a former rap artist in hollywood, CA. Since then eminem has been one of the top hip-hop artist in the world, releasing over 5 albums throughout his music carrer. Although retired now, Emine is still looked at as one of the best hip-hop artist if all time. Rap and hip-hop today is probably the most expressed music in the African American culture. And today Marshall Mathers is still reconized as one of the most successful rap artist of all time. Here is one of Eminem's best and last songs that he made: LoseYourself-2003.

Here are a few extra songs that have influenced African American Culture for years and still does today:

Carlos Santana- Black Magic Woman

P. Diddy- Come With Me

One Republic ft. Timbaland- Apologize

Seal- Kiss From A Rose

Kanye West ft. Adam Levine- Heard 'em Say