Ethnomusicology is the study of the music of different cultures especially non-Western ones. On this page I'm going to choose three different songs from different times and places and compare them to African music. Below is my playlist, the actual songs, and my comparisons.


1. Anytime, anywhere: Compliment Each Other Like Colors - Playradioplay!
2. 1974 or earlier: Do You Believe in Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful
3. Non-English speaking country: Guantanamera - Joselíto Fernández

Song 1:

Song title: Compliment Each Other Like Colors
Musician's name & date: Playradioplay! (2006)
Genre: Electronic/Pop
Synopsis (summary):
This song might be similar to African music because it starts out simple with a basic beat it the background but then it gets more complex later on in the song.

Song 2:

Song title:
Do You Believe in Magic
Musician's name & date:
The Lovin' Spoonful (1965)
Genre: Pop-Rock
Synopsis (summary):
When it was released this song became very popular with the public and was #9 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Song 3:

Song title: Guantanamera
Musician's name & date:
Joselíto Fernández (1929)
Genre: Latin
Synopsis (summary):
This song is the most popular and recognized song in Cuba. It is also one of the countries most noted patriotic songs.