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¡Hola, readers! Welcome to Chelseababy’s World. The wonderful world of peace, love, and crazy. In my page you will be introduced to some “out of the box” songs that really have influenced African American History the first song will be an "anywhere anytime" song in which it is a song that comes from any country (it doesn't matter which) and any time period. The second is a song from a non-english speaking country. And the last is a song from 1973 or ealier. If you're still interested, there's some songs to check out at the bottom of my page that I love to listen to and also some songs that some colleagues and I worked on. Enjoy!

"Anywhere Anytime Song"
Lil Mama: The Voice Of The Young People

Song Name: Broken Pieces
Date: 2007
Musician(s): Lil Mama
Genre: Hip Hop/ R&B
Synopsis: This song is about a girl being really hurt after a relationship that just didn't work after so many efforts to save it. She's trying to make herself strong and trying not to feel those feelings anymore. This song is a very great song and it is a little bit of like a blues feel to it. There's repetition, and an AAB format to the song also which goes back to African culture. The artist was able capture the blues sound by improvising her voice, also the instruments were improvised too which also fast forwards to today where hip hop lives. Blues and hip hop have some similar characteristics. And just like in early African American music, the musicians would make songs about their feelings, struggles, trials, tribulations and things going on in their life. They are in resemblance to griots that tell stories about their lives to a beat. So that’s how I would relate this song back to African American history.

"World Song"

Song Name: Como La Flor/ La Carcacha/ Bidi Bidi Bom Bom/ Balia Esta Cumbia [Live]
Date: 1997
Musician(s): Selena
Genre: Salsa
Synopsis: This song is composed of 4 of Selena's famous songs. They all consist of love and about how they feel about a guy. Also they all have this groovy melody with that Latina American flavor. This relates to African American history because back in slavery days, enslaved africans would song songs as they worked to help keep the pace of what they were doing. A leader would call out a verse or yell something and the others would respond. Call and response is a singing tradition from Africa that became apart of life on the plantation. In this song call and response is shown. Selena would call out "Como la flor" and the crowd would respond, "Como la flor" and respond to what she said. So that's how I would relate this to African American history.

"Song Before 1973"
Frankie Lymon

Song Name: Goody Goody
Date: 1957
Musician(s): Frankie Lymon
Genre: Jazz / R&B
Synopsis: This song "Goody Goody" was actually a 1936 song that was recorded by Benny Goodman but written by Johnny Mercer and composed by Matty Malneck. Then in 1957 Frankie Lymon performed it on The Ted Steele Show. It's also like an "Ah ha" or "What goes around comes around" song because he was hurt by this girl. Then the same thing was done to her and now she's all broken up and hurt. This song relates to African American history because the song has the key element of jazz which is syncopation because it stresses the off beats of the rhythm. In the song there are trumpets and drums and Frankie's vocals with some background voices to add to the syncopation so that the song would sound obsolete. So that's how this song relates to African AMerican history.

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