In my class(Orange Stream) Mr. Sheriff gave our class a project on ethnomusicology. we are doing African American cultural music what we had to do is, our class together had to make a web page, but we also had to make another web page individually. We had to chose three songs one anytime anywhere, 1973 or earlier, and one from a non-English speaking country when we find the three songs we wanted to do then we would put the song on our page and we could also put lyrics or a video on the page as well. After that, we would describe how we think the song resembles African music and beats. For my anytime anywhere i chose "I can't wait to be king" from The Lion King, for my 1973 or earlier song i chose "a-b-c" by Jackson 5, and finally for my non-English speaking country song i chose "Zombie" by Fela Kuti


Song Title: A B C

Song Artist: Jackson 5

Genre: pop

Summary: The reason I chose this song is because the beat, and also the voices in this song were very strong and powerful. Like in some African music there voices are strong and loud, making sure their voices are heard. This song kept a strong beat, they like took a beat and kind of remixed it.

lyrics: http://www.poemhunter.com/song/a-b-c/


Song: I just can't wait to be king

Song Artist: The Lion King

Genre: Disney Soundtrack

Summary: The reason I chose this song is because it had a similar beat to African music,it started out with a lite beat,and then it picked up the beat and other instruments joined in, the beat that starts out is like simple drums and picks up to more drums and other types of instruments, it keeps a fast beat, the song also tells a story about a young lion wanting to be king. and in some african songs they also tell stories like that.

lyrics: http://www.lionking.com/lyrics/OMPS/justcantwait.html


Song: Zombie
Song Artist: Fela Kuti
Genre: World
I chose this song it varied in different types of music, it started out with some simple cords, but then another instrument join in, and the song turns to like jazz. throughout the song more instruments join
in. But at the same time it kept a certain African beat to it.

lyrics: http://www.lyricsoncall.com/lyrics/fela-kuti/zombie-lyrics.html